Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Toddler Time canceled :(

Today, Evan and I were supposed to have gone to Toddler Time at our library (the first of three). I was so looking forward to it because Evan doesn't have the opportunity to interact with others his age. We went to three other sessions over the summer, and he loved it. But our weather turned nasty on us again, so it was canceled. It started out as as freezing rain/sleet, and then went to huge snow flakes. I'm ready for Spring!

The good news....When Evan was done eating tonight, he signed "done," and said, "All done." Of course, it was probably said in a way that only a mother would recognize, but it was there. And the signing was perfect! We've been working on it for at least 4 months, but this was the first time that he did it with absolutely no prompting; he still had food left, but he didn't want to eat anymore. Oh, I hope it continues!


Kristiem10 said...

We have cruddy weather here, too. I hate winter. We are having ice storms. Sorry your Toddler Time got canceled.

And, that is great that he signed appropriately. I think it definitely helps reduce the frustration level. I hope he keeps it up.

fragilemom said...

We did signing with Ian too when he was younger. I've been starting to work on it with Ben as well now. Avery never needed it. I think she came out of the womb talking. :) :) I'm totally with you regarding the words 'only a mother could understand'. I enjoy having Ian say things to other people just to hear their interpretation of it. I kindly correct their interpretation so that they know that Ian knows what he's saying.

We have totally bizarre weather here. It snowed 2 nights ago, got sunny and in the high 60's the next day, now it's back in the 40's. Really plays tricks on allergies in our family. Gotta admit, glad we don't have ice.