Monday, March 24, 2008


Chelsey and Kyle after their Big Broadcast performances

Matt shooting some hoops....what form!

Evan choosing his books at the library

Kyle with his library selections

Above: the seeds from last year's salvia flowers

Below: my attempt at planting the seeds; keep your fingers crossed

Chelsey will never be too old for an Easter basket

Kyle and his new cards from his Easter basket

Evan pointing at the camera; he likes to look at himself. He also likes to climb on to the couch. Last week, after attempting a headstand on the couch, he fell right on the top of his head. I saw it happening but couldn't stop the fall. I think I cried as much as he did.


Anonymous said...

all my kids love Easter baskets too :)

Kristiem10 said...

My Drew would have LOVED to have gotten cards for Easter. He loves them. You have a great looking family.

Jen said...

Kyle loves cards too. He doesn't really play with them; he puts them in "order," only not the order that they come in when new. (He doesn't last too long if we try to play a game; he takes them back and puts them in order). He puts them in order by numbers, and within the sets of numbers, he puts the suits in "order." I just went and, hearts, clubs, spaids. He also takes the jokers out; he keeps them, they're just set to the side. He likes to keep them in mint condition. If they get creases, they're ruined. He also went through a period of watching High Stakes Poker on TV.

Paula Fasciano said...

What a beautful family! Very Cute!