Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sleeping Schedule

I've read and heard about sleep problems that some children with Fragile X have. Well, with reservation, I'm going to share the sleep habits of my boys (I'll talk about Kyle and Matt's...Evan's is a little different).
From the day Kyle was born, he has loved sleeping. As a baby, one might say that he slept too much. He quickly developed a routine. I remember an incident when he was 18 months old; he had crawled (he couldn't walk yet) over to the bottom of the stairs at 8:02 and waited for me to bring him up to bed (he usually went to bed at 8). When Matt was born, he quickly adapted to the routine that Kyle was on. Throughout their younger years (up until about 2 years ago), they would go to bed at the same time. That also meant that they would get up at the same time....6:00. If we were out past their bedtime (just a few minutes past), Kyle would tell us that it was past his bedtime.
Now it's funny. They still like their routine, so it's a big deal when they deviate from it a little. We joke with Kyle about pulling a late nighter on a weekend night. He says that he will stay up to 10 or 11, but he is usually brushing his teeth at 9 and heading off to bed. On very rare occasions, he'll stay up til 10, like if there is a NASCAR race on. Within the last year, Matt has started staying up just a little later than Kyle on the weekends, but there is always an announcement made about's funny. He usually stays up to watch something like The Iron Chef. They've also learned how to sleep in a little when they don't have school....that is they'll sleep in till about 7:30 :) ~~~They like digital clocks~~~


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Kristiem10 said...

That is funny. Routines can work to their advantage in some cases. Drew prefers to go to bed around 8:30. He sometimes asks to go to bed. He is a much better sleeper than he was years ago. And he sleeps through the night more often than not. He almost always is up by 6am, though.

Blake is a different story. Doesn't like going to bed, wakes up during the night, and gets up early. Drew did the same thing when he was Blake's age, so I am hoping it is something Blake will outgrow.