Saturday, March 22, 2008

Raymond Rabbit

My rabbit, who I've had for six years, died today. He was an outdoor rabbit that was given to me by one of the teachers I had worked with. The kids were okay with him, but he was my rabbit. Well, I cried for a couple of minutes, and then Matt came into the kitchen. I told him about Raymond. I figured he'd be okay with it; when our parakeets died, he had a kind of fascination by it. So, here's his first response to Raymond's death, "Is this the first time he's been like that?" There I was feeling sad, but how could I not laugh inside after a comment like that? He then went on to comment about needing to put him in the cemetery, a sign that says "Here's Raymond," "We need to put him in a bag", "Are you going to get a rooster or something" (that was very random), and other interesting thoughts. Kyle's response, "I heard." How does that make you feel? "I'm starving." He won't be losing any sleep tonight.
I've been tagged for a six word memoir....I'll need to give it a few minutes of thought.


Chelsey said...

they are in very high spirits..
but at least now u will save money
on rabbit food...

poor guy, he didn't even make it to Easter..what shame=(..

yeah, i came back in from holding the bag that daddy put him in, and matt asked me if it was scary=p

Kristiem10 said...

Aww, poor bunny! I had to laugh at Matt's comment. Way to lighten the situation.

FXSmom said...

lol...what a way to process a bunny's death!!