Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year, it doesn't look like any of the kids will be dressing up, so I've put on photos from years past. First, a little of our history of Halloween. In one word--"torture." When the boys were younger, I wanted so badly to have an enjoyable time trick-or-treating with my kids. No. Until the year of the Pirates, they would end up in tears or would just plain "lose it" by the end. I don't know, maybe one of the years of the Ghosts (we did that one 2 years in a row) may have gone alright. It just wasn't there thing. And it took me a few years to accept that. Actually, after they got too old to go out, they expressed a little interest in dressing up; well, at least Kyle did. Matt, no. He does, though, thoroughly enjoy having people come to our house, but unfortunately, with our "trick-or-treating on the square" (area around the courthouse), we usually don't have too many people come to the house.
Last year, Kyle went to a Halloween party with Best Buddies----and LOVED it! He was "salt." I know I have that picture somewhere around here, but I'm not sure where at the moment.
I may put a leftover clown costume on Evan tonight just to get a picture, but it would be very pointless to take him out. A.---He doesn't know what candy is. B.---I kind of want to be here for the trick-or-treaters. C.----The most important reason.....he wouldn't like it one bit. Why torture him so that he can get of bagful of stuff that he wouldn't be eating? Maybe next year.
I kind of wish that I made something for the boys just to wear around here, but time got away. Next year.
These are pictures of pictures...the scanner isn't hooked up at the moment...hasn't been since we moved here!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Best Buddies

Kyle and Matt went out to eat with their Best Buddies. I was going to drop them off to meet their buddies, buy Kyle insisted that his buddy pick him up (which she had already offered to do). So, I drove Matt and his buddy (the other buddy brought her to our house when she picked Kyle up). Matt, who made it quite clear that he didn't want to go, was a chatter-box all the way there. They both seemed to have a really good time. I'm very thankful for the program!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quirks and Randomness

I'm combining two tags---one that is way overdue. So here are random/quirky facts about me!
1. I can't stand to hear people chew. It's been a problem for me ever since I can remember. Crunchy food is a little easier to handle than mushy food that is sloshing around in the mouth. My family is usually nice about accommodating me by having some sort of background noise while we are eating. Gum chewing---not good. Because of my problem with this, I'm very aware when I am chewing to do it discretely; I don't want to annoy other people. Yes, how ironic, having children where chewing with the mouth closed is an issue.
2. I procrastinate. It's like I feel I have things done because in my head, they are done! I compartmentalize everything up their very neatly and replay stuff over and over, so it's almost like it's done! (at least, that is my excuse)
3. In high school, I received the serving award in volleyball my junior and senior year. Within the last year, my left shoulder started hurting anytime I extend my arm up, reach for something (a big reach), or throw a ball. Connection to the past, maybe.
4. Finger nail polish on other people usually looks very nice. I've tried wearing it, really I have, but it doesn't last very long---an hour maybe? The way finger nail polish feels on my fingernails----I might as well just spread dirt on my nails. I do, though, keep my nails long.
5. I can wiggle my pinkie toes sideways.
6. When I was a kid, I spent so much time outside---climbing trees, catching toads and salamanders, smashing rocks, playing near the creek, riding my bike, hanging out with our animals, playing games with neighborhood kids, etc. Now that I'm "a grown-up," I feel like I spend way too much time indoors.
7. My two favorite kinds of ice cream are mint chocolate chip and coffee. Hmmm, I might need to go to the store now and buy some coffee ice cream and make a milk shake!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

How to make my two year old very happy...

gets even better when you add a couple of apples

Why is that following me?
I like pumpkins!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Yay! Chelsey came home for the weekend! John worked half a day because he had some things he wanted to get done around the house. I called him about a half hour after school had ended, and he was asking when I was going to be home; I said soon. I ended up staying longer than I expected, and he called and asked when I was leaving. Kind of odd that he would do that; normally if he is home early, he tells me to take my time at school, because he knows I often try to rush out so that I can get Evan. He was telling me that the boys were really excited because we got our TV back today--it had been in for repairs for approximately 2 weeks---I bought that excuse.
So I get home, and he tells me to sneak into Chelsey's room because Evan is in there, and I could surprise him. I opened the door, and there stood Chelsey! A total surprise. Her car was parked in the garage, and John knows that I often don't put away the van when I get home, so the surprised wasn't going to be ruined.
I normally do not like to be surprised; this was definitely an exception. She and I did a little shopping in Lafayette. Tomorrow, we plan on taking a family trip to Stuckey's--apple orchard/pumpkin patch. Chelsey has never been a big fan of going there, but I tell her that's all part of the tradition! It just wouldn't be the same going and not having her mention how she doesn't like going there. Someday Chel, someday.