Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Skill

Today, Evan demonstrated that he understands an important childhood skill: he went in the computer room and closed the door so that I couldn't see what he was doing. Yay!
We got the kids a portable dvd player for Christmas; it's been several years since they've had a portable. The main user of it, so far, has been our movie man, Kyle. Evan loves observing his brothers, and apparently, he's been observing what this new, blue, plastic thing is, although I never noticed him doing this.
But today, he showed us that he knew how to use it. He put in one of his new dvd's, Animal Planet. He can't get enough of watching or "reading" about animals.
So I was proud of him for figuring this out, but cautioned him about the need to find somewhere to sit while viewing the movie. He wasn't too fond of staying in one place with it, after all, it's portable! He also figured out how to see his favorite part--the first 5 minutes--over and over.
Basically, he had enough of my suggestions, so he went in the computer room and shut the door. The only other time he's ever shut this door is when I'm vacuuming in the other rooms.
After having a good laugh with Chelsey about how cute this was, I went in to check on him. And after I left the room, the door shut again.
I'm so proud of this new least for today.