Friday, March 21, 2008

Life Events

My dad's birthday is tomorrow.....86. That number just sounds so old.
With his birthday approaching and Chelsey's graduation only a couple of months away, I've been in a reminiscing kind of mood. I go back to my childhood---it really wasn't that long ago! It's funny, I remember a lot of sunny days and fun times; I don't remember being bothered by cloudy, cold, yucky weather---the weather I now dread.
I'm not the first person to have a child graduate from school, but right now, it feels like nobody understands what I'm feeling. Kind of silly. It's kind of like being pregnant; it's such a special event for the person experiencing it, yet it's been done by billions of people! It doesn't seem possible that my daughter has reached this point---she's my little girl. I very clearly remember watching her sit at the table in the kindergarten class as I made my way out of the room with tears in my eyes. How did she get from point A to point B? Chelsey, could you explain this to me?
My dad's b-day. His stroke last year and the cancer that is invading his body is making him look old. Once again, everyone experiences this type of situation in their lifetime, but again, it feels like I'm the only one. Not loving it.
Spring break started at 3:30 today! I've got to make a plan for what I'm going to get accomplished. I may need to set aside specific times for reminiscing so that it doesn't consume my time. That's my first plan. I also need to organize all the clothes that Evan has outgrown. I still have them all; I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. I want to plant the seeds from my Salvia plants from last year. I usually go out and buy the plants, but I'm going to try to start them in the house this year. There is a lot of organization that needs to happen around here. And of course, most importantly, I'm going to hang with the kids!


Kristiem10 said...

Good luck with your plants.

I tagged you for a Six Word Memoir. Check my blog for details.

Chelsey said...

i thought you said GRANDMA walters...
got it!!

daisygirl said...

Nothing wrong with reminiscing, although I completely agree with the "going through something other people have hundreds of times and it still feels like you're walking it alone."
Keep sharing!