Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quick Outing

This evening, we brought a vehicle that belongs to our friends to the airport (about 45 minutes away). They're coming back tonight, and this method saves them money on parking. We've done this a few other times, and we bring the boys with us. Parking on the top level allows the boys to do a little sight seeing. Well, tonight it was 25 degrees, wind blowing, with a light snow. Matt got right in our van, but Kyle stayed out to enjoy the view. John blinked the lights at him a few times, but he would pretend not to notice (just did a quick side glance). One might think that he was intently watching the planes. Nope, he was watching the buses below us. After about 5 minutes, I got out and suggested that perhaps it was a little too cold out for this. Fortunately, the two buses he was gazing at were pulling away.

About half way home, we stopped for a bite to eat. Normally, the boys enjoy eating out. This evening, we decided to try something that was new to them--White Castle. As soon as we pulled in, Kyle started announcing, "We'll never make it home in time!" That's his current most used phrase when we are somewhere he doesn't want to be. This continued periodically throughout our stay. Matt was ready for the adventure, although he kept his hands fashioned like a visor above his eyes (quite common for him). They both seemed to enjoy the food--it was a quick dinner. As we were leaving, Kyle said, "White Castle's not bad, not bad at all." When I asked Matt about it, he responded with one of his favorite phrases, "I don't know," but his restrained smile while he was eating told me that he really liked it (he likes just about any food). After we got home, Kyle, who has a way with words, said very eloquently, "That was a very good White Castle, I say. It was very delightful!" Yeah right Kyle, you were just glad to be home.


FXSmom said...

lol...that is pretty funny! Our kids are so freakin hilarious :)

Kristiem10 said...

I love this! Reminds me of outings with my nephew Kyle with FX. He doesn't make a visor, but he covers his ears. My kids still sink to the floor like a sack of potatoes when we go somewhere they don't want to be.