Sunday, March 2, 2008


We all went bowling this evening. Chelsey came along with us, although she did not want to bowl. It worked out well because Evan was a bit of a handful. He was whiny, and nothing seemed to please him. So, Chelsey sat in the van with him while he watched his Little Einsteins movie. Before I had this van with the DVD player, I had always said that I didn't want one; the kids would miss out on what was going on around them. Well, I still kind of feel that way, but boy, it sure does come in handy!

We bowled two games; I don't remember the scores of the first one, but for the second one, the boys both bowled in the 60s, I was in the 80s, and John was in the 120s. Kyle and Matt had bowled in Special Olympics for a few seasons, but they haven't participated in a couple of years. Matt finally got to the point where he wasn't crying during practices, but receiving his ribbon or medal was absolutely torturous (but he was happy to have it the moment we would leave the building). I'll probably sign them up for it again this fall.


FXSmom said...

My Matty loves SO bowling. It was the first sport he ever did. We haven't done it in a while either. We have to drive to the opposite end of the state for the championship and it is quite a long drive (8+ hours). Last year he did golf and loved that. This year we plan to try Athletics.

Kristiem10 said...

I have never taken my kids bowling. I wonder if they'd like it. I bet I couldn't score higher than 60's if I bowled.