Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Important Dish Soap Information

If by chance you happen to spill an entire bottle of dish soap....say, if it falls off of the top of the shaking washing machine, (where it shouldn't have been in the first place), breaks, and you don't notice until it is all over the floor, don't do what I did.

My method of cleaning the mess (not recommended): Take two bath towels, wipe well, and then clean remaining soap with paper towels. Take the two towels used in the clean-up and rinse in the sink, and think to yourself after a couple of minutes of rinsing, 'I don't feel like dealing with this, I'll just throw them into the washing machine; it won't be that bad' (Important note: our washing machine is an HE; not a lot of soap required for washing). After washer finishes rinsing and spinning, open door and remove an unimaginable amount of suds into a large bowl or bucket (many times), and put into sink. Repeat this process several times, stopping the cycle periodically to remove suds.

Recommended procedure: I don't know, maybe rinse the towels in the bathtub instead?

Benefit of the first procedure: Smiles on the kids' faces

How sad: The soap that I bought was one that was supposedly better for the environment. (I wasted sooo much water in the clean-up process)-:


Chelsey said...

i do have to admit, it was pretty cool...very picture-worthy;)

Kristiem10 said...

That reminds me of the Brady Bunch where Bobby is it? fills the whole laundry room with suds.

FXSmom said...

i have so done this before!

Umma said...

Oh my. It kinda looks like fun from here :-)