Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrate good times, come on!

Chelsey got a letter in the mail today (in a large envelope) from her college of choice.....Indiana Wesleyan University. She wasn't home yet, and I, of course, couldn't open her mail. But, it was a fairly thin envelope, and when held up to the light...... Let's just say, I got my camera ready for when she returned home :)
I was trying to play it cool, but she wanted to take the letter up to her room before opening it! I convinced her to stop on the stairs to open it. You know, as a concerned parent, I just wanted to know what else Chelsey needed to do for the application process ;)
Her reaction!

Proud mommy with amazing daughter!


Chelsey said...

i like the 2nd one..
that one says
"thank u Jesus!!"

haha...yeah, real cool mommy;)

Anonymous said...


Umma said...

That is SO exciting! Congratulations Chelsey.

Kristiem10 said...

Congratulations Chelsey!!!

Anonymous said...

SWEET! I love how it says the next step is to pay...brings u right back to reality doesn't

daisygirl said...