Friday, May 9, 2008

The Diaper Dilema

From a very young age (I don't know, 6 months or younger), Evan learned that if he put his fingers near the tape on his diaper and wiggled them around, he could get his diaper undone. A few months ago, he perfected the technique.
It doesn't matter if he has a onesie on; he just reaches his hands through the bottom of them, peels back the tape, and slides the diaper though the leg opening. It happens during the day, and at bedtime. It's a guarantee that I'll have to put the diaper back on him at least once after I put him to bed. He's usually awake for at least 45 minutes after he goes to bed---just playing....and taking off his diaper. So, while he is still awake, I go and put it back on. Chances are, it will be back off soon after I leave the room. Sometimes, it's not a problem--he stays dry. But of course other times, we have to do a complete change of sheets and blankets.
He has one pair of overalls that he wears during the day that he can't get his hands down to maneuver the diaper (he wears them frequently). I'm going to have to look harder for pajamas that are difficult to get into. I don't like the one piece ones with the feet on the bottom. I used them for my older three, but chose not to for Evan because several years ago, John bought some for me. My feet felt so trapped in them, and most of those are polyester, and personally, I don't like to sleep in sweaty polyester. So, I've decided, neither does Evan! Many stores have the two piece summer pj's out now; those would be like an open invitation for him to take off his diaper. We need short sleeve, long pants, one piece, that don't cover the feet. Not an easy find. I've considered duct tape for the diaper, but I'm afraid his fingers would get stuck in the icky, sticky tape.
He has gone on the potty twice, but I just don't think he's ready to be potty trained. He'll be 2 on the 23rd of this month. I'll continue to put him on the potty occasionally, but it's definitely not something I'm going to push.


Kim said...

Maybe a snap cover diaper cover? You would usually use them for cloth diapers...but maybe it would work? My friend makes and sells some. Her blog is I'll email and ask her about the price.

Jen said...

I checked those out, Kim. They are cute! It might be worth a try because I don't think that the snaps would be as easy to undo.

Umma said...

Have you tried the Children's Place 100% cotton stretchy sleepers? They are the feety style but because they are cotton they breath really well.

Monkey gets sweaty feet if his socks are even a little bit too thick but these worked great. Too bad they only go to size 3T, they were perfect.

They even have a little tab that snaps over the zipper to keep little fingers from unzipping them.

Chelsey said...

i don't think pajamas like that even exist..u should just make some;)..haha..
i think the duct tape is too strong for him to get at, but that would be a waste of duct tape, && how are YOU supposed to get it off?? g*ma's crazy O:)

& the last line is kind of gross..:x

Jen said...

Umma, I was talking to someone last week about this, and they also recommended the Children's Place. I checked those out on-line, and they seemed reasonably priced :)

The Other Lion said...

i know a mom who cut the feet off of her son's footie pajamas. it is hard to find them with no feet. and i always turned my son's inside out because he hasn't mastered the inside out zipper and the outsides are usually still nice soft fleece. so maybe you could try inside out jammies with the feet cut off? of course you might want to buy them at salvation army..... =)