Monday, April 7, 2008

School and Play

It was a nice weekend with warm weather and no plans. We spent so much time outside. The boys picked up sticks off the yard; it was their share of spring cleanup.
They played some basketball, blew bubbles for Evan (well, it was for them, too!), and chalked up our driveway.
Evan actually got to a point in the morning, after about 2 and a half hours of being outside, where he went to the door and wanted to go inside (he headed straight for his crib). Nice change from me having to bring him and then him getting a little upset.

In the afternoon, a friend of mine drove by and asked if we wanted to have a play date. Sure! We don't get that opportunity often. We went down to a small park near us, and of all days, there was a birthday party going on... a lot of people. It's a very small park, and there are only two baby swings. When I bring Evan there, it's the first thing he heads to. With there being so many people, "his" swing was occupied for quite a while. So he walked around for a while, watched people playing games, and generally seemed content. I got him to go up the stairs so that we could go down the slide together; he liked that. And he sat on the small merry go round as it went around slowly. And of course, he took some time to watch cars go by. Overall, it was a good time!

I went to the high school this evening for conferences. All the teachers are set up at desks in the gymnasium, and when parents walk in, they are given a "map" of where the teachers are and their child's report card. After I talked to Kyle's teacher about Kyle, I asked her if she had heard anything about Matt being in her class next year. Yes, she had. We need to have a conference...soon. I think that what will end up happening is that even though she has a moderate class, she might be his teacher of record, and we can still send him out to other classes as needed. This way, he has a home-base type situation, which he has had since he started school. If he is in the mild program, he'll transfer to different classes (mostly co-taught), and then end up in the MO room when there is nowhere else for him to go (which is basically how they explained it to me at the conference at the beginning of the year). The MO teacher wasn't at that conference, which didn't make any sense if they were planning on sending him there! I'm not too thrilled with either of the options (which are basically the same option--if that makes sense).

To sum up what Chelsey's teachers said, "She is such a delight to have in class!" Awwwww

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Chelsey said...

ooo, they gave u a map??
they've never done that before!!
theyr'e getting so smart these days!!;)

gee, thanks mommy;)

(yay me)=)