Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Football Fan

Last night, the Colts lost. Usually, in this situation, I would have been a bit down. But last night, I was laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes!
Last week, Kyle was announcing for a couple of days that the Chargers were playing against the Broncos. Funny thing is, he doesn't even watch football; he just likes to look ahead on the TV schedule to see what's on, and this caught his eye. All day before the game, he was declaring that the Broncos were going to win. Matt, being Mr. Opposite, announced that it was the Chargers who were going to win. Again, he wasn't a football watcher either, but like Kyle, he said he was going to watch the game--a night game. Watching this game would require that they stay up beyond their usually 9:00.
Like expected, around 9:00, Kyle said, "Well, good-night." Matt, though, made it clear that he would be watching the game. Kyle wasn't too pleased with his decision, but he went to bed anyway.
The game was pretty much a blow-out with the Chargers winning, and Matt watched the whole game. It wasn't over until around 11:30. He was very happy, and when he went to bed, he made sure he woke up Kyle to tell him the "good news."
Part Two:
Last night, it was the Chargers against the Colts. Staying true to form, Matt was rooting for the Chargers all week, even though we live in Colts land. Yesterday, every other sentence was about how the Chargers were going to beat the Colts. Midway through the day, he brought down this small wooden box from his bedroom ("he" made it at school), and in this box was his 20 dollar bill from Christmas. He went around to family members and asked them how much they wanted to bet!! Now, this sort of thing isn't something that we've promoted--I don't know where that came from, but it was kind of humorous. We played along. I threw in some quarters, I gave Kyle a one to throw in, and John added his money. Chelsey, on principle, didn't participate. Good girl, Chelsey.
Game time:
He was so excited for most of the game. Granted, he didn't understand much of it, because I don't think he's ever watch an entire game on TV--he did go to a high school game once. But I made sure I made it clear when I was disappointed with events--such as when a call was against the Colts, that way, he knew that he could be excited! He of course understood obvious things like a good run, a good pass, being tackled, field goals, and touch-downs.
In overtime, the Colts lost (or should I say, they gave the game to the Chargers). What a heart breaker. But there was Matt, arms raised in the air, shouting his words of victory, and just as quickly, scooping up his box and heading upstairs. Poor Kyle, Matt just had to fill him in. He went on, and on, and on (it was quite humorous; John and I were cracking up), until we finally went in to tell him to get to sleep.
He's already picked a team for today's game--go Eagles!
And boy, I sure hope those Chargers win it all!


Umma said...

That's funny!

Monkey has always been a huge fan but he hasn't yet realized that there are teams and that, traditionally, you pick one and cheer for that team throughout the game (bonus points if you pick the Patriots, sorry about that Colts loss ;-)) He just cheers for whoever is running, lol.

Jen said...

Well, Monkey will have a head start on understanding the game. I don't know why the boys never had any interest in it until now.
And, oh yeah, I know you're really sorry about the Colts loss...yeah, right. :)