Friday, October 3, 2008


Yay! Chelsey came home for the weekend! John worked half a day because he had some things he wanted to get done around the house. I called him about a half hour after school had ended, and he was asking when I was going to be home; I said soon. I ended up staying longer than I expected, and he called and asked when I was leaving. Kind of odd that he would do that; normally if he is home early, he tells me to take my time at school, because he knows I often try to rush out so that I can get Evan. He was telling me that the boys were really excited because we got our TV back today--it had been in for repairs for approximately 2 weeks---I bought that excuse.
So I get home, and he tells me to sneak into Chelsey's room because Evan is in there, and I could surprise him. I opened the door, and there stood Chelsey! A total surprise. Her car was parked in the garage, and John knows that I often don't put away the van when I get home, so the surprised wasn't going to be ruined.
I normally do not like to be surprised; this was definitely an exception. She and I did a little shopping in Lafayette. Tomorrow, we plan on taking a family trip to Stuckey's--apple orchard/pumpkin patch. Chelsey has never been a big fan of going there, but I tell her that's all part of the tradition! It just wouldn't be the same going and not having her mention how she doesn't like going there. Someday Chel, someday.


Holly's Mom said...

Yeah - I am so glad she came home to visit, I can't imagine how hard it must be to have her be away.

Holly's Mom said...

You have been tagged - Hope to see your responce soon!

FXSmom said...

I could see me doing that same thing to my oldest daughter. It isn't just the same and now you don't have to think "I miss her hating this." Yeah Chels...parents are that

Jen said...

Actually, Chelsey ended up getting out of going. Kyle had been wanting to go see the volleyball game on that Saturday. Chelsey was more than will to bring him. It ended up being John, Matt, Evan, my Mom, and me that went.