Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quirks and Randomness

I'm combining two tags---one that is way overdue. So here are random/quirky facts about me!
1. I can't stand to hear people chew. It's been a problem for me ever since I can remember. Crunchy food is a little easier to handle than mushy food that is sloshing around in the mouth. My family is usually nice about accommodating me by having some sort of background noise while we are eating. Gum chewing---not good. Because of my problem with this, I'm very aware when I am chewing to do it discretely; I don't want to annoy other people. Yes, how ironic, having children where chewing with the mouth closed is an issue.
2. I procrastinate. It's like I feel I have things done because in my head, they are done! I compartmentalize everything up their very neatly and replay stuff over and over, so it's almost like it's done! (at least, that is my excuse)
3. In high school, I received the serving award in volleyball my junior and senior year. Within the last year, my left shoulder started hurting anytime I extend my arm up, reach for something (a big reach), or throw a ball. Connection to the past, maybe.
4. Finger nail polish on other people usually looks very nice. I've tried wearing it, really I have, but it doesn't last very long---an hour maybe? The way finger nail polish feels on my fingernails----I might as well just spread dirt on my nails. I do, though, keep my nails long.
5. I can wiggle my pinkie toes sideways.
6. When I was a kid, I spent so much time outside---climbing trees, catching toads and salamanders, smashing rocks, playing near the creek, riding my bike, hanging out with our animals, playing games with neighborhood kids, etc. Now that I'm "a grown-up," I feel like I spend way too much time indoors.
7. My two favorite kinds of ice cream are mint chocolate chip and coffee. Hmmm, I might need to go to the store now and buy some coffee ice cream and make a milk shake!


SB said...

oh my gosh....I have been known to be PSYCHOTIC when people chew too loudly. Food smacking is a dangerous activity around me. It makes me INSANE.. Way back in my "wild" single dating days, I walked out on dates who smacked or chewed too loudly.

What about people who slurp their hot coffee? Makes me nuts every time.

Now I have to go eat some chocolate and calm down.

SB said...

one more coffee ice cream mellow? Or is it very strong? I love the way coffee smells but have never been a coffee drinker. Pls advise best coffee ice cream to try it out.

Jen said...

I'm not a coffee drinker either--maybe one cup a year, and it's got to be mild. I sometimes get Breyers ice cream---it's very mellow--but less expensive brands are just as good. I don't think I've ever had "bad" coffee ice cream.
Yeah, the whole chewing food/ slurping thing...I can get psychotic, too. I just want to jump out of my skin sometimes! It can ruin a good mood.

Chelsey said...

Those are my favorite ice creams too!! Hhhmm..sometimes I have to admit we are SO much alike!! :) :)

Chelsey said...

I really need to change my picture on here. I'll get on that soon.

Holly's Mom said...

I love Mint and Coffee Ice Cream Yum Yum!!

I don't drink coffee either, but coffee Ice cream is just scrumptious.

Nancy Douglas said...

How fun to read your random things. I was comforted to read your #1. My pet peeve is gum chewing. Ugh. Bugs the tar out of me. They sound like a cow chewing its cud. I'll stop.

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

I use to chew so loudly as a kid that my step mom could reach into my mouth and remove my gum and NEVER get bit. It started being a

Kim said...

LOL! I was reading this with Britney and Karyn and was like, "um, I can wiggle my pinkie toe like that too. Is that not normal?" Turns out that they couldn't do it and neither could Bryan or Ryan.

Jen said...

How funny, Kim! It does seem odd that some people can't do seems so natural!