Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Bubbles, Please

Evan did well in with his therapist this evening. One activity he enjoyed was the bubbles. She wouldn't do it "more" until he signed it, and boy, did he sign! He must have signed it at least 30 times.
Last week was his first week with this therapist. He did alright, but became frustrated easily and was throwing her toys. Tonight, he endured much longer and only threw toys a couple of times. She had him laughing quite a bit.
After therapy was a quick dinner, and then I headed off to the school with Evan and Kyle. John and Matt had their own errand to run. Wouldn't you know it, soon after we got to the school, Evan dirtied his diaper. I don't have diapers in the classroom, and I also didn't have any in the van. I didn't want him to stay in the diaper too long, because first, that's gross, and second, he gets rashes so easily. I was able to clean him up, because I do have wipes in the room. I only had about 15 more minutes worth of work to do; I thought he'd be alright. Of course not. As soon as we hit the cool air on our way out the door, he wet his pants. Luckily, he was wearing thick corduroys which helped to absorb the moisture! I lined his seat with an extra sweatshirt I had in the van and headed for home.
Note to self....keep a few diapers in the classroom.


Chelsey said...

I still don't understand
why you always think
he will be "o.k." with no

Umma said...

I hate getting caught off guard without diapers! We're usually pretty good but it's always the one time you forget ;-)

Bubbles are very motivating! We used a bottle of bubbles to teach 4 different signs and Monkey's first sentance.

FXSmom said...

lol...chelsey sounds like my oldest daughter. You have no clue how many times a day I hear, "Nice, Mom. Nice."

Matty had one of those peeing days too and we aren't in diapers. He did it twice at school and 4 x's at the after school program. You would have thought they had never seen a 12 year old wet themselves before. Well, okay maybe they haven't...lol.