Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 to 18

It's so hard being away from Evan. I know I would be thoroughly enjoying my new teaching job if it weren't for my desire to spend every second with him. I do enjoy my class---great kids---I'm so fortunate for my first year of teaching! It's just that beautiful little boy keeps tugging at my heart....and keeping me awake at night to voice his disapproval of my absence during the day.

Chelsey seems very happy so far at school...right Chel? I still think your room looks more comfy than your new place!


FXSmom said...

Chel just needs some pics on the walls and maybe it would be homier...maybe.

When I'm at work I try to enjoy the adult conversation so I'm not focused on how much I miss my babies. And I get to really use my brain when I'm at work. I need that. So I try to focus on that too. I hope the homesickness subsides soon for you. Its never easy. :(

Jen said...

Well, that's true with me, too. When I'm at school, there is no time to think too much about being with Evan, but then I feel guilty because I didn't. The hardest time to leave him is Monday morning! I'm not a happy camper Sunday evening. And of course, with my job, "adult conversation" is very limited. :)