Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday x 3!

Happy Birthday Kyle! (19th)
Happy Birthday Matt! (20th)
Happy Birthday Chelsey! (21st)
For several years now, Matt has not been a big fan of having a birthday, so I'm not sure how "happy" his is! He always wants to "skip it."
Chelsey is home! Yay!
Her e-mail account was stolen a couple of days ago and the bozo sent out one of those completely bogus e-mails about being in some foreign country, helping the less fortunate, bag was stolen, blah, blah, blah. What an idiot. I know, I should feel sorry for how pathetic that person's life is.
Time to start the celebrations! (Actually, it's time to go to the store and buy something for Kyle and Chelsey. The ironic thing is that the one child that doesn't want a birthday is the only one who we already have a present for).


Holly's Mom said...

It has to be crazy to have three birthdays all at once, what a whooper! Happy Birthday to All!

FXSmom said...

Wow! That is so nuts. Neat though. I always seem to be able to find presents for the one who doesn't care too. Funny how that works.

Umma said...

Happy Birthday to all!