Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Evan and his diapers, Matt and his shirt

A few weeks ago, I had a post about Evan taking off his diapers, and I was given a couple of great ideas. First, I bought some pajamas from the Children's Place. They are long-sleeve and have the feet things (which I normally don't like), but they are cotton and lightweight. They worked great! He couldn't get them unzipped. I'm not using them now because the weather is warmer. I also bought a couple of diaper covers that are meant for cloth diapers. They are wonderful! I can let him run around the house in just a t-shirt and diaper with cover.

So, now at night, he usually sleeps in a onesie and long pajama pants. I had been using the diaper covers with those, and things were great. Well, for the past few nights, I haven't put the diaper cover on, and he hadn't been taking his diaper off. I thought, 'Hmmm, he's forgotten that he can get at the diaper through his onesie.' That changed tonight. He was up for a while playing in his crib, and then he started to call out. I went in and hugged him, and changed his diaper even though it was only a little wet. I then went to take a shower. When I came down, John was holding him and said that he and his sheets were soaked. Back to the covers!

****New thing he's doing...he spins a couple times around; will repeat when we say, "Spin, spin, spin!"
Last night, Matt noticed a small hole in his NASCAR shirt (where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt). He pointed it out several times, and I repeated several times that I would fix it "tomorrow." He said, "You don't have a sewing machine, do you." I told him it was in the closet. That's his usual way of asking a question---starts off with "You don't," or some negative statement and ends with "do you," and it usually sounds more like a statement than a question. Finally, he took it off and was a bit frustrated with me, and he said that he was never wearing it again. I reminded him that I would fix it in the morning. Sooo, when I got up this morning, he was already in the living room. My eyes were barely open, and the first words out of his mouth were, "You don't know where that sewing machine is in your closet, do you."


Kim said...

Cool! I'm glad the covers worked out for you! It stinks that you have to use them, but it sounds better than duct tape :-)

Umma said...

Heh, do you? I sure hope the shirt is fixed!

I was so sad when we couldn't use the Children's Place PJs anymore. Monkey did eventually outgrow the taking off his diaper thing. It was replaced with having a FIT if his diaper was off more than a minute *sigh*