Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boomerang sealed the deal

We are soon having the closing on the house we will be moving to. I'm fairly certain it's a good thing, but, after living in this house for 14 years, there is a little sadness. But I'll handle it okay. Acquiring this house, which was a repo, has been quite a long process. That's a good thing because it has given the boys plenty of time to get used to the idea. It also helps that we've gone to visit the house (we have the garage door opener).
Kyle, though, at times was still making comments, kind of to himself, such as, "We're not moving to that house, are we?" Matt sees it as kind of an adventure, I think. At one time, he talked about assigning room numbers to the bedrooms. That probably comes from their desire to stay at hotels. We don't do a lot of traveling, but as they have gotten older, staying at hotels is like a big treat for them! Traveling back from our last vacation, we stayed at one hotel. The boys thought it was funny because we had connecting rooms, one for the "men" and one for the "ladies" (and Evan), there was a pool, and we had pizza delivered (very good pizza). For the longest time after that, anytime we passed a hotel, Kyle would say, "We've never stayed at the hotel before," in a manner that was hinting that we should.
ANYWAY, yesterday, any fears or reservations the boys had about moving were washed away. John made some calls yesterday concerning having the phone, DSL, and satellite dish services transferred. When talking to the DISH people, he learned that we could get 50 more channels for 5 dollars more a month. Now, I know, we really don't need 50 more channels. But there is something special to the extra 50.
Occasionally, DISH Network gives us a week or two of free viewing of a channel. One channel that they have given to us twice is Boomerang. That's a cartoon channel that has a lot of older cartoons....Flintstones, Jetsons, Top Cat, Penelope Pitstop (I had never heard of that show before until Kyle introduced it to me---the main character has red hair; Kyle likes cartoon characters with red hair :-), and many others. Kyle fell in love with the channel. It's probably been about six months since we've had it, but approx. 5 times a week, Kyle will say with much expression and hands clenched, "We need to get that Boomerang channel back!"
The boys were told last night that the new house would have Boomerang. The smile on Kyle's face and his excitement were priceless, like he was the luckiest man alive. Matt was taking it all in, happy, but he really doesn't have much interest in that channel. When we got online to see what other channels we would be getting, (John had already learned over the phone that he would be getting the Golf Channel...I think THAT is what sealed the deal), Matt was standing next to me with a piece of paper in his hand---quite common for him. He casually showed me the paper. On it, was a channel number along with the words "Legends of the Hidden Temple." That was his subtle way of asking if we were getting the channel that had that show. It's on a Nickelodeon a kids' sporting channel; he likes shows with competition (he would have been my little athlete). Yes, we're getting that one too.
So, to sum up a long story, the men are all excited about their new channels, and it looks like it will make the move to the new house go smoothly!
My excitement about moving?? The backyard! There is a wonderful, mostly private, backyard! And yes, the boys will be enjoying the yard with me....after about a week or two. That's probably how long the excitement of having the new channels will last!


Anonymous said...

aw, glad the guys are eXcited. hope it goes well. =D

Anonymous said...

So how does Chel feel about you moving??

I'm the oldest and only girl too. My parents sold the house that I grew up in after I moved on in life. I was devastated!! And I still don't see their "new" house as home. And it's been 12 years now!! Crazy how we attach ourselves to our houses.

Jen said...

How funny, Beth! My parents sold the only house I ever knew a few months after I graduated. I was in California at the time; our house was in CT. Talk about devastated! A quick 18 pound weight gain, followed by a pregnancy sums it up pretty well.
Chel's first reaction was something like this, "That's stupid, there's nothing wrong with this house!" She quickly moved onto, "It doesn't matter, I won't be living there anyway." We'll see :)

Kristiem10 said...

That's funny that the boys were so excited about the tv channels. That is exactly what my boys would do. Drew and Blake are couch potatoes!

Umma said...

That is so funny! What a bargain price for getting them onboard for moving too, lol.