Monday, June 16, 2008

Awesome Fridge Magnets

Evan has somewhat of an obsession with letters. His favorite show right now is "Super Why" on PBS. I bought this Fridge Phonics (Leap Frog) for him for his birthday; he loves it! The base and the 26 letters are magnetic. When a letter is put into the base, a jingle saying the letter's name and sound is played. For example, "B!, b says 'b,' b says 'b,' every letter makes a sound, b says 'b.' (Yes, I've started to randomly sing the songs throughout the day). For some of the letters, it says 2 of the sounds the letter makes. If the music note is pushed, it sings the alphabet. I only leave a few of the letters within his reach. If he has access to all of them, he feels the need to throw them all on the floor :) It's definitely not like the letter magnets I had as a kid!


Nancy said...

This is definitely not like what we had when I was a kid and not like when my kids were kids either. What will they think of next?
In Him,

Kristiem10 said...

My kids love Superwhy, but they never got into the Leap Frog magnets. We had them for awhile, but they weren't too interested. I sold them last fall in our garage sale.

Michelle said...

thanks for your comment on my blog!

Kayla loves those magnets too - and like you, I only have a few letters out at a time or else they would be all over!

Umma said...

I love this toy! We have this for Monkey and he is so not into it but I see the huge potential so I keep playing with it and hoping he'll give in. I know he will eventually but he's been holding out on me for a year now!

I think I'll put away all his letters but the ones for his name since we're trying really hard to get him to recognize those letters in particular. Maybe that will make it less intimidating to him!