Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oldie But Goody

This picture makes me smile every time I come across it. It's more than just the picture that causes the smile; it's also a poem that John had written to me that I think about when I see this...
First, notes about the picture. They're both left-handed...notice how Matt not only is eating with his right hand (while spoon remains in the bowl), he has his left hand conveniently tucked behind his back! Kyle at least has the spoon in his left hand, and, in his defense, he might just be pushing food that was escaping back into his mouth...this time. Yes, those were the days, the days of constant
"Use Your Spoon/Fork."
John has a great sense of humor, and occasionally likes to use his humor in a poetic way. One Mother's Day--around the time-period of this picture, or maybe a little before, John went out for an early morning golf match. No big deal; I know, it was Mother's Day, but he left before I even woke up and was home within a few hours.
When I woke up, I found the poem he had left for me. It was about 2 pages long--skipped lines :)--and for the most part, very sweet. But, it was the end that made me laugh and still does (I still have it somewhere...not sure where at the moment). I think it was because the poem was sweet--telling me what a great mother I was and such, not one of his humorous ones, that made the ending so funny. The last line went something like this,
"I love you my darling
and I'll be home soon
Don't forget to tell the boys
to eat with their spoon!"
Laughter keeps us sane...


Kristiem10 said...

I love that picture! And the poetry.

Sarah said...

So sweet! Indeed, laughter does keep us sane!

fragilemom said...

Great pic! We're still in the days of "use your spoon/fork". Argh!

Queenbuv3 said...

Love the post! My son is starting to choose using his spoon/fork over using his hands. He doesn't like being messy which is motivating him.

If we weren't lauging we'd by crying!

Jen said...

We've since moved on to "Finish what's in your mouth before you take another bite!" They can eat sooo fast!