Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Fair

On Tuesday evening, we brought the boys to the fair. For the older two, there's nothing there that interest them anymore. ):
The house that we lived in before moving here (1 year ago, July 3rd) was RIGHT ACROSS the street from the fairgrounds. The part directly across from us was the track, so that was a bit of a buffer from where the rides were. During the fair we could watch the harness raising, and throughout the rest of the year, we could see them practicing...very cool. The location we're in now has some advantages--newer house, bigger yard, PRIVACY--to name a few, but I do miss the other house at times. From their bedroom window, and the downstairs window also, the kids could see the fair being put together and taken apart. They could see the quieter times, and watch it as the noise increased. Their window air conditioner helped with blocking out the noise at night.
Matt wasn't really into the rides when he was younger. We got him to go on the train and the motorcycle/car merry-go-round ride, but not much else. Kyle was our "brave" one. His FAVORITE ride was the Alligator Coaster; he loved the way it whipped him around. His laughter and smile on that thing were priceless. He would talk about it for weeks after and weeks before. The most awful fair moment for him (and me!) was the year that, as usual, he was so excited, but when we got up to the front of the line, the guy said without the slightest hint of compassion, "You're too tall!" and turned him away! My little boy's heart broke, and so did mine. The fair was never the same again for him. I know, all kids grow up, but he wasn't ready to "grow up" from that coaster. But he did.
There were a couple of years when they liked to play the games, but this year, they had no interest. They also liked the NASCAR ride for a couple of years (big enough for adults), but not this year. So, they dutifully followed us around.
On to Evan's story. Okay, back to the boys for a minute...a key to their success at the fair when they were younger was Chelsey. It was convenient for us to say, "Go on with Chelsey," and they would feel some sense of security. We don't have that luxury now with Evan.
So Tuesday night, we venture out, with my expectations being realistic. As we approached the area where the rides were, he was calm. He pointed to the merry-go-round. I quickly bought some tickets.
As we got on, he immediately let me know that just because he was pointing at them, it didn't mean he actually wanted to go on them! I told John to start taking some pictures before we ever started moving. I think I got him smiling by talking about juice and his blankie. ;)
He wanted nothing to do with sitting on a horse, so we sat on the bench. Basically, he survived with whining, a little screaming, but I talked to him about other things to try to even out his helped...a little.
So we get off, he's fine, and then....we hear an awful roar. I hadn't made the connection that Tuesday night was tractor pull night, and that meant noise!!!! It was sooo loud! I don't know if we would have been able to get him on anything else anyway, but that definitely ensured he wouldn't. We went to see the animals; it was 'a little' farther from the tractors, but not much. He whined most of the time, but he got better when the tractors took a break. We headed back to the rides, and yes, the tractors decided they were done with their break. So we got a lemon shake-up--he liked that--and headed home.
While John and Evan hung out in the living room, I went outside to stroll around the yard and remind myself that it was no big deal...
as I heard the roar of the tractors 2 miles away...


Maddy said...

Anything in the public arena is always a challenge around here.
Cheers [with lemonade!]

Queenbuv3 said...

We tried to take the kids to a town fair a couple years ago and didn't realize they were having a car show parade and before we walked far enough to see the fair, the noise from the car hornes had my son screaming at the top of his lungs. Luckily, when we got back to our car that we had just parked the lady was nice enough to refund our money. Still haven't attempted a fair or amusement park since : (