Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doctor Appointment

Evan's doctor's appointment last week confirmed the obvious--he's underweight. Kyle was too when he was younger, but with Evan, it just seems different.
The appointment, of course, was quite the experience. He started letting out the screams as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. They increased as we entered the building, and didn't improve any while we waited in the waited room. Then, when they called us back to the small, confining get the picture.
After a few attempts at weighing him, I offered to weigh myself with and without him. Through this method, we found that he weighs 26 pounds, which is actually one of the numbers we got while trying to weigh him by himself. When combined with the fact that he is between the 50th and 60th percentile in height, he's very far below on the "chart."
When the doctor came in, we first discussed his week-long diarrhea and vomiting, which I'm guessing knocked a pound or two off of him. We then went on to discuss his poop in general (see previous posts).
When I say "discuss," I probably should be saying, "We had to talk loudly and clearly and use good listening skills to be heard and understood above Evan."
The plan is to check his bowel movements for a variety of "things," and then look into intolerance of gluten. Collecting poop for five containers isn't much fun. Even less fun is bringing Evan with me to the lab to drop of containers.
Not a happy camper.
He survived the first waiting area (check in) by me hanging him upside down. An older woman observing found it to be humorous. But when we went back to second waiting area, hanging upside down wasn't going to cut it anymore. So, we walked the hallway outside of the area--very open area--he still wasn't happy, but he did take a few breaks in expressing his displeasure.
I couldn't help but feel that some of those "eyes" inside the waiting room were thinking, "Obviously, that mother is clueless; what a bratty child."
Oh well.
While walking the hallway, we briefly talked with someone I know--she works in the office area of the hospital. She knows the family history, but I've never officially announced to her that Evan had FX, too. As she was talking to Evan, she said, "I know Monica." Monica was his speech therapist...yay, somebody in the hospital new he wasn't just a bratty child. Soon after she said that, though, he bit me in the shoulder! He's only done that a few times in his life. He did wave and say good-bye to her. He likes to say good-bye to people when we are somewhere he doesn't want to be. Only, this time, we weren't the ones that were leaving the area...she was.
When we got back to the van, I gave the I'm disappointed in your behavior speech. We don't scream when we go somewhere. When we got home, he got the same speech...then I cried, he felt badly, we hugged.
I don't know why I cried; well, part of it is that I cry easily. Part of it is the memory of giving the boys that same speech when they were younger; part of it is the realization that I'm doing it all over again...
My pitty-party only lasted 3 minutes, tops. All better!!!


Maddy said...

Yes I also recognise that look of the humoured by-stander as I hang someone upside down. It's quite different from the look of horror when I sit on one of them, although we find that equally as effective on some occasions.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen! I'm exhausted just reading this :(.

Jen said...

Hmmm...not sure we've tried the "sitting on child technique." I can only imagine the looks one gets on that one! Maybe similar to the looks of when I used to apply pressure to Kyle's head...

And it was a bit tiring. He "only" weighs 26 pounds, but 26 pounds starts to feel really heavy after a while! (I have so very little upper body strength.)

fragilemom said...

My upper body strength is equivalent to a slug. I'm always telling Jim how weak I am. Anyhoo, have you thought of cards to use for those 'eyes'? The last one I gave happened to be in the waiting room of the pediatrician when I got the look. I figured I could either poke the eyes out or give them a card and make them feel ashamed of themselves. Both bad motivations, but I opted for the cards. They're business size. One side briefly explains FX in points. The back side explains that this is what my child has, gives the FX website, and closes with Jeremiah 29:11. They've come in quite handy.

Holly's Mom said...

Jen, Thanks for the message on my blog :-) I enjoyed reading about your daughter! I had no idea that Chelsey has the Full FX Mutation, that sure gives me a lot of hope, she is in College now right? From all the times you have written about her, I never would have known. I am so sorry Evan is sick.. Recently Holly had a Burst Ear Drum and we went to the Doctor and she was happy as a clam playing the the exam room and when the doctor came in, and then when the doctor put the heart listening thing on her chest (over her shirt) she totally lost it.. i was like.. whats that about, it wouldn't even feel cold over her shirt, but she for some reason dislikes that. Your day at the doctor and collecting samples sounds like a nightmare, I hope he feels better soon.