Friday, May 22, 2009

Got To Watch Those Homophones

Kyle and Matt's teacher once again invited her students to a sporting event at the high school; this time it was baseball (what a great teacher!). To get to the high school, we travel in the same direction that we would go if we were going shopping at the usual place. Evan was with us, and when we made a turn that wasn't in route with going to the store, he let out a few screams. The boys didn't say much, but of course, they noticed this. I thought I would help them understand why he was doing this--you know, give them a little insight. So I explained that Evan was feeling a little frustrated and nervous because we weren't heading towards the store anymore, and that's where he wants to go. I went on by comparing how he felt to the way they feel when they are somewhere they don't want to be. I don't remember what their response was to that, but basically, they understood.
But then, I may have pushed the whole "insight" thing a bit over the top. I slowly said to myself, yet out loud, "Because---he---has---the---same---genes---as you guys do."
The quick response to this was,
"No, we have shorts on!"


Holly's Mom said...

haha... So cute!@

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Yeah, they keep me smiling!