Friday, May 8, 2009

Acts Strangely

Evan had his very first experience in his adventure into the school system...sigh. He and I went to the preschool on Wednesday so that they could do some casual observation.
As expected, when we pulled into the parking lot, he let out some screams; he doesn't like going to places that he is not familiar with. We made it into the building, and they brought us into a big room that had a few toys. They started to ask me a few questions, but Evan still wasn't too fond of being there. I asked if they had any books with animals or letters; they quickly provided him with some which improved his mood. They also brought in the Leap Frog Alphabet Fridge Magnets, and because that is one of his favorite toys at home, that went over fairly well.
Another activity he enjoyed there was the Play Tent/Ball Pit; that kept him content for quite a while. He did, though, also "enjoy" going to the door and saying, "Ba" (bye) as he lifted his arm gesturing to me that it was time to go. The trampoline--definitely a hit.
Before leaving, we tried to peak into the classrooms, but he didn't think that was a very good idea.
It was a fairly quick visit. It's hard to believe he'll be 3 this month. It makes life so much easier when people ask how old he is now: 2...just extras such as, "He's almost 3." I don't get as many puzzled looks as I will when I respond with "3." Oh well.
They sent some paperwork home with us for me to fill out. There were two different forms; one was mainly concerning ability, and the other was focused more on his emotional state...kind of tricky. My "favorite" was: Acts strangely....what??? That's a fairly broad statement. What's their definition of "strangely"? Out of the hundred or so answers I circled, that is the one I left blank.
OH!!! I almost forgot...sleeping. Now that Chelsey is home, he has been staying with her during the day. The first 4 nights of her first 4 days home were awful (he wanted to make sure we were aware that his routine had been changed), but then, there was a sudden change, a very wonderful, sudden change; he starting sleeping through. He did this for A WHOLE WEEK! Yeah, the appointment on Wednesday cured him of that silliness...


Kim said...

Acts strangely? Compared to what? The "normal developing" child that's throwing a tantrum in Wal-Mart? Sheesh. Who writes these questions anyway?
As I've mentioned before, I can trace most (if not all) of Tyler's traits to a family member. It's really impossible to tell what is "autism" and what is not. Many times when I fill out those forms I want to add comments like, "You should meet his uncle" (or dad).

Momma Mayhem said...

Don't you love those forms. My son changed school in Feb mid-year which I knew would be hard. I attempted to "warn" the school of his degree of need. I got "we can handle it" according to his transfer papers its not as bad as you made it out to be" then he came for the tour and then the first full day and all of a sudden it was "this is not the child the paperwork said we were getting". Paperwork...I personally met with them and brought a picture of my child, explains the extreme joys and difficulties of spending a day with him. I wonder if we asked these people to write down their every pet peeve and quirk, every failed job or relationship what they would look like on paper. Would they 'act strangely"?

therextras said...

The longer I am away from the public schools the weirder they look from the outside. Sigh.

Still, parents 'fight' for their 'rights' and inclusion with judicial fervor. Sigh.

I'm at the point of seriously questioning group education for 3-year-olds.