Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Walk Today

Evan and I go for a walk almost everyday--sometimes we take the stroller, sometimes he walks. Today, we started off in the stroller and headed to the nearby park. He wasn't very interested in the playground today or the animals at the petting zoo; he just wanted to walk. So, we headed back in the direction of our house with me pushing an empty stroller. Along the way, we came across a puddle---not a big surprise, it rained last night. A side affect of all the rain that we've had over the past couple of months is that Evan has had much exposure to puddles. A favorite activity of his is to throw/drop rocks into them while I say "splash!" I had my camera with me; I don't always have it when we go for walks, but my mom has been wanting me to take a picture of her flowers, and her house was on the way.

So I'm taking picture after picture trying to get the perfect shot while he's picking up rocks (pebbles) and letting them plop into the water. The thing about these rocks, though, is that they were somewhat embedded into the ground---he had to tug a bit to get some of them. Well, at one point, he was standing with his back facing the puddle as he used his little muscles to pull the rock up. The rock came up, and he went the puddle.

My only reaction was, "Oh, Evan," but he would not look at me. It was as if he thought that if he didn't look at me, I wouldn't notice that he was in the water. I called and called his name----nothing.

Finally, I got his attention by holding up some rocks and saying, "Look at these rocks, splash!"

Against his wishes, after a few minutes we headed home. Due to the fact that he was soaked, riding in the stroller wasn't an option. He usually protests as we approach the house and tries to put himself on the ground. Today was no different, but what made it a little more difficult was that I couldn't (or didn't want to) carry him. After I got him inside, he had a bath. It was a win, win situation for him!


Sueblimely said...

It is not pleasant at the time but something to laugh at maybe in the future :-) When my now 22year old son was about this age he fell into a puddle too - problem was it was at the top of the tallest mountain in Australia, quite a way from the ski lift, and I had already used his spare clothes. Thankfully it was Spring so at least he did not get cold wrapped only in my cardigan.

Kristiem10 said...

He is adorable. What a great photo op.