Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cut

A few years ago, we started bringing the boys to Great Clips for haircuts; before that, I had always cut their hair. Neither of them were big fans of it at first, but Kyle does a great job now. I think he kind of likes having a girl cut his hair ;-) But Matt....he doesn't do so great with it. He'll tolerate it if we make him go, but it's definitely hard on him (frustration and tears). Even home haircuts make him a bit upset.

The kind of haircuts that I know how (term used loosely) to give are plain and simple-- short. Matt has wonderful thick hair, and I like his a little longer, only I'm not capable with the scissors of producing any type of style with it. So recently, I had let it get fairly long and would just trim randomly. It finally got to the point, though, where my random trims just weren't working.

Here are the before and after!

I think that the short hair looks very neat on him, but I miss the mop! We'll probably let it grow for a least that's what he says.


SB said...

handsome kiddo! Both of my boys have thick brillo paid like hair so I keep theirs wicked short.

Anonymous said...

ah haircuts....both my fx boy and my non-fx boy are like squirmy snakes at the barbershop.

Matt looks so cute with his haircut :)

Kristiem10 said...

He looks great! I love the new cut. And there is plenty of time until he'll need it done again.

fragilemom said...

Great cut. I cut Ian's hair still. He'd never make it at the barber. I remember his first hair cut....oooh. I don't use scissors though, except for around the ears. I started cutting my husband's hair a few years ago, with the electric clippers. You know, 1/2 inch on top, 1/4 inch on bottom, blend them both. So I thought, hey why not try it with Ian. Well, all except the 2 sizes and blending. So, I put him in the tub, give him a sucker and pray he'll let me get it done in one sitting. I don't totally buzz his hair, but I do manage to get it short. He always looks so cute right after it gets done.