Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving Isn't Fun

1.7 miles. That's how far we moved. With the way I felt at times, one may have thought that we were moving out of the country!
When we were working on getting this house that we moved into on July 3, I went back and forth with my emotions on whether or not I wanted to move. It was really hard on me. I had never really liked the house that we lived in for 14 years, but it was home. It was so comforting having the familiarity with the house and the neighborhood that had developed over those 14 years. More than once John, who would get a bit frustrated with my emotions, would say, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Well, we did it, and here we are. It's so strange, because out of the 3 weeks we've lived here, I think there was only 2 days where I kind of missed the other house. I adjusted much quicker than I had anticipated. Home truly is wherever my family is.
With that being said, moving stinks! Unbelievably, we still don't have everything moved. We have so much "stuff!" We were both over there this afternoon trying to get all that "stuff" that's left. I felt like backing a garbage truck up to the house and loading it up! It's a bit overwhelming. Really, we're doing quite fine here without that "stuff," so do we really need it? Probably not.
We've also run into minor inconveniences along the way. We had to get the panel replaced on our washing machine. The electronics were acting up. We've had the phone company at our house 3 times!! I still don't know if the issue is completely resolved.
I painted several rooms before we moved in. I wanted Evan's room to be the same color that it was at the other house--"verde antique." When I went to Wal-Mart (boo) to get the paint, I couldn't find that color. The boy working wasn't any help. I did find the color "antique green," and I figured it probably was the same thing. Wrong. While I was painting, I tried to convince myself that it was the same; it just looked a little different because of the lighting in the room. Wrong. Chelsey and John were quick to point out that it definitely was not the same; Chelsey described it as "Mint Chocolate Chip Green;" the other in his old room was more of a sage green. I was a little upset about it, so I actually went and bought the "right" paint, and started to paint. After just a couple of strokes, I decided that maybe the mint chocolate chip wasn't such a bad thing (that IS my favorite ice cream).
Everyone else seems to be adjusting quite well to the house. The first evening we stayed here, Evan was a wreck! I thought, 'Oh no, what have we done!' I felt so badly about taking him away from everything he knew, including the usual route that we would take when we went walking; it was such a big part of our routine. But, he seems to enjoy the new area just as much, and he has a fit when we turn around and start heading home, just like he did at the other house.
I really don't think we'll be moving again anytime soon.
***A month or two ago, I posted that Evan had signed and said, "All done." Well, he didn't do that again until this week. Actually, he's not saying it, but he's signing it consistently! Yay! He also said "blankie" twice a couple of days ago. He picked up his blanket and said it, and then 30 seconds later, he hugged it and said it again. Haven't heard it again, yet. Today, I asked him if he was ready for a nap, and he said, "Es," and headed for the stairs.


Kim said...

I agree! Moving stinks! When we first got here the housing office tried to talk us into moving into a small, really old unit. We told them no. They were upset. They told us that if we moved into that unit then we would be guaranteed that we would be moving into a brand new unit while we are here (only 2 years)! This sealed the deal. Absolutely not are we moving again within 2 years, only to move again at the end of 2 years.

Chelsey said...

it's my favorite
ice cream too..
& having a room
that color would probably
ruin that sweet aspect
of my life...
u should really just start
putting dark brown polka
dots for chocolate
i like the old color

Umma said...

I once moved 4 doors down in an apartment complex. I think that was the very worst move I've ever done and I have moved a LOT. Somehow it just seemed like it should have been easier and it wasn't at all which added to the normal frustrations of moving.

Jen said...

I almost think that moving out of state would have been easier...we would have had to have done it all at once instead of being given the opportunity to spread out the misery. (not that I want to try moving out of state to do a comparison ;)

daisygirl said...

We've moved so many times I agree - it stinks! Those last few things and boxes and bags and scragglies are definitely the most annoying. Do you have any lookers on your old house?

I'm with Chels on painting polka dots for chocolate chips...only downside is you might get a hankering for ice cream each time you walk in the room :)

Jen said...

We have had a fairly decent number of people look at the house; one couple looked twice and made an offer, but it was a very sad offer. We have renters that started moving in a couple of days ago. They are aware that if the house happens to sell in the 3 weeks that are left in our contract with the realter, then they have to move out.

Jen said...

AND, I really don't think I'll be putting brown spots on the wall anytime soon ;)