Friday, May 27, 2011

A Thomas Fan

Kyle has always been a Thomas train fan.  Evan has too, but at first, he couldn't play with them because he couldn't handle the excitement.  Kyle would have trains going in his room, and Evan would purposely go to his room to see them, only to stand there and cry.  
Gradually, he got to a point where he could play with them for a while before getting upset.  Then, he went to not wanting anything to do with them again.  Well, he's back to being a fan, and this time I don't think there's any going back. 
But that's not really what this post is about.
Evan ASKED for something!!!!  For a while now, he's been asking for things like juice, milk, cookies, blankies, etc. by saying "Juice?, Milk?" etc.  But this was the first time he's asked for a toy he wants from the store!  
He recently got a new train for his birthday, and whenever you buy a train, you get one of those inserts showing other trains.  Kyle used to carry them around all the time so he could constantly let us know who he needed next.  
Tonight, Evan came up to me with the insert, pointed to one of the trains, and said, "Want Percy?...Cow?"  (it's Percy pulling a cow in an open car--two of his favorites together, a train and an animal)

So obviously, guess what he's getting as soon as I find it???  


Vicki Davis said...

Thats such an aazing feeling isn't it! I still haven't got over it yet but sadly i think Holly has started to catch on and I get her too much stuff lol as the only right now I guess she ight be a little spoiled. But when they use there words and articulate and work that hard, how can you not grant that wish.

Jen said...

Oh yeah, this kid, especially being my "baby," might be a "little" spoiled. :)