Saturday, May 14, 2011


A little over a week after our trip, by airplane, this is how Evan woke up one morning.  Face, back, stomach--covered-- and a few on the arms and legs.  I brought him to the doctor, and because of his other symptoms, he thought possibly measles.  So we went for blood work, and a couple of days later, we find out (after a couple of phone calls)...that it's inconclusive based on that test.  This is because he's had his first round of mmr, so he would have certain levels of what they're looking at.  I think, from the last I heard from the doctor, he'll be having another test on Monday.  
At this point, although I'm curious as to what caused these spots, I'm just thankful that he's feeling much, much better now.


fragilemom said...

Oh my! I think I would freak if I saw those on any of my kiddos!

Jen said...

Had another blood test this past Monday (today is FRIDAY), and we still haven't heard the results.

Jen said...

May 28---still no results