Saturday, September 26, 2009


From very early on, Evan has found security in his blankie. It started out very innocently...he would keep it close to his neck when he slept. It was just an ordinary receiving blanket, a bit over-sized. I had picked out the snoopy material before he was born, and my mom had sewn the edges of it.

For the longest time, blankie was only used during sleeping...but gradually, that changed.

Blankie started coming downstairs with him, blankie tagged along in the van, and blankie was getting more and more hugs.

Then there was change---not a good change---blankie was getting chewed on. Of course, it started out rather gradually, but over a period of time, the chewing increased. I would cut small lose ends for fear that he might choke on them. Blankie got smaller and smaller.
After he would fall asleep, I would usually go into his room and remove it from around his neck because, well, it was usually very wet from being chewed on...gross...
It would smell---badly---and it would get washed...a lot.
It didn't take long until blankie no longer looked like a blankie.
Then one day a few weeks ago--it was a Saturday--I just couldn't give it to him before his nap. It was this ever so small wad of ick. I would post a picture,
I hated the thought of him not having it. It had comforted him for so long.
I put him down for his nap, explained to him that he wasn't going to get blankie, and to my complete surprise, he went to sleep with not complaints.
Could it really be this easy??
That night, same thing. He went to bed, and he was fine.
Well, almost.
On Sunday, he started making it clear that he needed his blankie. I think if he could talk, he would have said, "Mom, this is the longest you've ever taken blankie away to clean it. Obviously, it's clean now. Give it back to"
For the next couple of days and nights, there was crying with the occasional call for "key." I felt so badly. At one point when he was in his room crying, I went to the kitchen and reached up to the top of the fridge to retrieve it.
Only, when I put it up there, it had been was now a crusty, hard ball of ick. There went that idea.
Although he had another receiving blanket, a yellow one--material bought the same day as the snoopy material---he was never attached to it. At some point, I went to the closet where our blankets are. In there, was a receiving blanket we had from when Chelsey was a baby--I had never given it to Evan, not sure why. It has baby Disney characters and a few letters on it, was still in excellent condition, and I thought maybe he would like it because of the letters on it (he really likes letters).
When I gave it to him, he immediately smiled and started pointing to the letters....yes!
Over a period of a couple of days, it appeared that this might be the new blankie. The adoration started slowly....then, it was clear...this was the new blankie.
And there appeared to be a bonus...he wasn't chewing on it! And if I had written this within the first 2 weeks of his adoption of the new blankie, I would be saying that as if it were set in stone! Yeah, that didn't last....but we are keeping a closer eye on this behavior and greatly discouraging it.
I wonder how long this one will last....


Sarah said...

So cute!

fragilemom said...

Sounds like our old 'puppy' issue. Don't know if you ever saw the 'before' and 'after' pics. Yuck, gross, stinky, etc. Lucky for us, we got away with saying the bunnies on the other side of the fence ate it because Ian said he threw puppy over the fence. Couldn't believe it worked! Now he has 'moose'. Sometimes he can do without it, sometimes not. He used to not chew on it, now he does. But overall, I'll take all that over him sucking his finger or thumb! Huge struggle with the other two!