Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walks and Playgrounds

There are so many differences in how the older kids were raised compared to Evan. One of those differences: the very long walks that we take. He likes to go... and keep going! Usually, he's in the stroller, but even when he's not, he can go far before I carry him.
Life is good if we stick to the usual route. If we don't, well, he's not a happy camper. There is a small exception to that rule. The kid has an amazing sense of direction...something I lack severely. If I make I turn that takes us farther away from home, it's ok. But if he senses the turn is somehow heading back in the direction of home, he protests. There was one day a when I turned left because I saw a dog in the middle of the street of our usual path. Left turn=good because it's a the direction away from home. That was weeks ago. But now, when we get to that street, his arm stretches out and points in that direction as he let's out some shouts that mean "We should go that way!" There are several left turns on that road, but he remembers it was "that one." So, to give him a thrill, we actually went "that way" on another occasion. It's a great workout!
The end of our walk brings us to the playground which is right by our house. His latest thing: HE HATES THE PLAYGROUND! He used to LIKE it; I have no idea what happened. At first, I thought it might be because he didn't want to stop the walk. So I've tried taking him in the van. Still protests. I've taken him when there are lots of kids, nobody there, morning, noon, and night. Doesn't matter. A few days ago, there was only one woman---probably the grandma---with a child of about 8 or 9. I thought this would be a good time to really push the issue.
Sometimes you see a child having a tantrum while leaving the playground. It's not very often you see it when a child is being brought to the playground. So I end up carrying him like a log because of his squirming, he's screaming, kicking off his shoes, and making the motion like he's going to bite me...although I think he knows that's not a good thing. I take him to the baby swings because he LIKES to swing. He lasted a few minutes...a few smiles coupled with the whining. After several minutes, I put him in the middle of a piece of equipment that has a couple of slides. He whined a little, took the shoes off again, but then we made a game out of his shoes being able to go down the slide. He thought that was kind of funny. He ended up going down the slides a few times, sending the shoes first each time. After about 15 minutes, he was done.
But of course, in the trips after that, when I ask him if he wants to go to the playground, he gives his usual, "" (His "no," has a bit of an accent to it..very staccato. It's not the usual long o sound).
So yes, having my son play on the playground is a skill we have to work on.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my He is just not into playgrounds either but he does LOVE walks. The thing with his walks is that our turtles, literally, can pass him!!

Katy said...

Wandered over here from Ellen's place. I'm working on getting my kid to tolerate other children. It's a work in progress, but I'm seeing improvement. Who knew the things we'd need to work on?