Saturday, August 29, 2009

It Wasn't Even His Birthday!

I was on the computer earlier today transferring pictures off of my camera. John and Matt had just gotten back from the store so they were somewhere in the house, Chelsey was in the kitchen making lunch, and Kyle was in this room where the computer is (front side of house) watching tv. Yep, that's not very interesting.

Well, while on the computer, I had my ears open for sounds of Evan, but I probably was a little too comfortable because I knew that the rest of the family was throughout the house. But the mother in me told me to get up and go check on Evan when I heard that sound that makes mothers nervous.....

the sound of silence.

I got up, and for whatever reason, I glanced to the right out the door as I passed by it....the glance turned into a frozen stare. There, up the street, walked Evan....alone. He was right by my parents house (100 yards, maybe)--he wouldn't have stopped there---my first reaction was to call my mom so she could get him--he was right there. I picked up the phone (I could still see him out a window), and before even dialing numbers, I was thinking, 'put down the phone and just go get him!' Just then, I saw that the neighbor across from my parents was in the street with him, trying to coral him. I dropped the phone and ran as fast as I have in years towards my baby. As I got close to him, he started laughing....not funny. I thanked the neighbor; she, her husband, and teenage son had just come out of their house to get groceries out of the car. Fortunately, we live on the end of a cul de sac that has 8 houses....not a busy street, but still.....

He was not too happy with me as I carried him back home.

How did this happen? We have a sunroom that is completely unclosed with sliding glass doors--7 of them. It provides a great view, and on a day like today (70 degrees), having some of those doors open is quite nice. Yeah, but the thing is, although Evan can't open the sliders, he can open the screens. Apparently, John had forgotten that fact....he had opened a couple and then went into the living room to watch tv. So, Evan got out, went across to the side of the yard so he could go around the privacy fence (it doesn't enclose the yard), made his was through the front yard, and up the street.
It's awful when I think about the "what ifs." One thing I'm certain of is that he wouldn't have turned around to come back home.

Okay, I almost hate putting this part in because really, this event is not funny. BUT, there's a detail I left out....

Evan was wearing absolutely....nothing.

I'm definitely out of the running for the mother of the year award.


Umma said...

Oh, no! How stressful. This is one of my big worries, that Monkey will manage to get out of the house or out of the yard without us knowing. We DO live on a busy street and it literally takes kids seconds to escape.

So far the worst he's managed is to get onto our second story deck butt front of a large bbq at a neighbor's house. We have to use deadbolts on all our exterior doors though b/c he can open even locked doors now!

Jen said...

I worry so much about it now...I constantly want to know where he is. I don't remember this being an issue with the older ones. We had a completely fenced in yard when they were growing up, and they were content to stay in it.