Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Maybe it was something in the air yesterday...just like Ian, Evan had a major accomplishment yesterday!
Evan went poop in the toilet yesterday!
I have to say, the day definitely didn't look like it was going to head in that direction. He had diarrhea--3 times before noon--and, well, I won't write the details on that. But, because of that, I thought we were going to take a day off of potty training.
In the evening, though, because it had been a while since the diarrhea, I put the training underwear back on. Although he's been doing fairly well with keeping them dry, he wet in them. So, I brought him to the bathroom to get him out of the wet stuff, and I put him on the toilet and asked him if he needed to do more...often when he does go in the underwear, it's not a lot. I put him on the toilet, and he started pushing! And out it came...he pushed some more...and out more came...and again!!! I was sooooo proud of him!
The potty training is going better than I expected. I'm thankful that I'm home this summer to be able to work on this...it is a full time job!


Umma said...

That is fantastic! WTG Evan!

Queenbuv3 said...

Pooping in the toilet is reason to celebrate!!

fragilemom said...

Way to go! It's a great moment! Gotta ask, did you take a picture, or am I the only weird one?! Great job with the consistency, Mom! Not the funnest part of being a mom.

Jen said...

No, no picture...lol! (and I don't think you're wierd :)
He went again yesterday, sort of. The in-laws are here, so that changes potty training just a bit...keeping the diaper on more often. Yesterday evening, I was in the living room talking with Chelsey and my MIL; Evan was also in there. I noticed him leave the room and go around the corner by the fish tank--popular pooping place. I quickly went over there, picked him up, and headed to the bathroom. As I took the diaper off, I discovered there was already some in there, but I put him on the toilet, and he did some more!!! YEA!!!