Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its Gonna Take Time

Day 4 potty training: Actually, a better name would be "getting accustomed to the fact that someday he will be using the toilet on a regular basis." But I guess potty training is much shorter and easier to say.
He's doing fairly well with it. I've decided to use the underwear instead of the pull-ups so that he notices a difference. Of course, diapers/pull-ups are used for sleeping and out of the house trips. I'll also use them for days when we may need to take a break. This isn't anything that I'm thinking has to be accomplished soon; I'll realize
Its gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
Its gonna take patience and time
(anybody recognize the lyrics? I've been singing them quite frequently throughout this process).
In the beginning, I was met with some resistance to the idea, but now he seems to be starting to "get it." When I ask him if he needs to go, I either get, "No!" or his hand on his stomach as he says,
"Peaz" while trotting towards the bathroom.
Sometimes, if it's been a while and he doesn't respond with either, I make the decision that it's time.
The biggest reward for him is being able to put toilet paper into the toilet---little pieces at a time. He has been accompanying me to the restroom for at least a year now--he's quite insistent on it--I sometimes have to sneak in so he doesn't know I'm in there. During the trips when he is with me, he feels it necessary to get the toilet paper for me. Thanks, but it's usually--okay, never--enough.
Anyway, when he's on the toilet, I let him get a couple of pieces to put in the toilet, and then he's not allowed to have more until he goes. Also, while he's sitting there, I use the power of suggestion. I point and say, "Wow, look, here comes the pee-pee!" He then looks, and makes it come out! And now that I'm doing that, I DO remember saying that with the boys when they were going through potty training.
Now, the number 2's, I don't know how we're going to get that accomplished...his are so loose.


Queenbuv3 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

My son wasn't fully potty trained until he was seven. I put him in underwear and let him go in his pants when he was home. When he was at school I had him wear his underwear under his pull-up. He definately had gotten desensitized to being wet and poopy with wearing just pull-ups.

I am trying to night train my daughter. I have her in waterproof cloth underwear. They leak but I'm hoping she starts to wake up before she pees since she is getting wet now when she pees in her sleep.

You definately learn a lot of patience with potty training!

Jen said...

7 is the number for a lot of kids with FX, but I don't know, my kids seem to do well in this area. I'm hoping Evan will follow suit.
Although Matt was potty trained at 3, we still had many issues until, honestly, recently. He has too much anxiety to tell the people at school. Pooping at school was a big one. Putting him on a schedule for school is the only thing that works, because he will not say anything to them. At home, we haven't had issues for years.

Zachary Drake said...

The lyric is from George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set on You" written by Jeff Lynne.

Jen said...