Sunday, February 24, 2008

Senior Night

Chelsey and me (photo courtesy of Kyle)

Last night, Chelsey had "Senior Night" at her school during the basketball game (between junior varsity and varsity games). Seniors who play basketball, do cheerleading, or are on the dance team were recognized. The parents got to escort their child onto center court while their names and future plans were being announced. So hard to believe that this is her last year of high school and the fact that there are only three months of school left!

Don't hide Chel!

All of us went for the special night...even Evan who had only an hour long nap. We got there at the beginning of the JV game and got to see Chelsey and the dance team do their thing at half-time; an excellent performance! Near the end of that game, the parents had to go to the lower level (we were sitting on the upper level) to get ready to escort their child. While we're waiting, I peaked up to the upper level where Matt and Kyle were sitting. I see Kyle standing up (as if he's looking for us--which he was), and Matt's hands twisting as fast as could be. (He's never done the "up and down" flap---he keeps his arms at his side and twist his wrists). That meant one thing---he had to go to the bathroom. So I rushed up there (there was still a minute left in the game) and brought him to a bathroom. There is no way he would have went looking for one on his own. Of course, there were people sitting in that area; they were probably clueless as to why my 5'7" son was twisting his hands so desperately.

It's great that our boys are now able to sit through a basketball game, and kind of enjoy it. Matt decided to go home with John and Evan (very tired) after the senior night part, but Kyle stayed with me. When they were younger, the sound of the horn terrified them. Thanks to Chelsey, we've taken them to many "events" where they were expected keep themselves under control (easier said then done). It was very difficult at times (both on them and us), but well worth it. Another example of why Chelsey is the best big sister in the world!!!! Thanks Chel!


FXSmom said...

It's awesome that he has a "sign" to let you know that he needs to go the restroom. I wish Matty would find something to let us know. Your daughter is gorgeous.

Jen said...

Well actually, Matt is quite verbal. He just has some severe shyness and anxiety; he would never ask a stranger where a bathroom was or go looking for one on his own. When he gets nervous or excited, the hands start going. I guess it was many years of experience that told me what that particular hand twisting meant :)
....thank you