Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 Hour Delay

2 Hour Delay! Let's see.....Chelsey is still half asleep; she likes delays. And this is the first year that Kyle truly appreciates the extra time in the morning (and he's not constantly checking the clock). But Matt's feelings on delays, well, his words of the morning say it best, "They're stupid and they're boring."


Kim said...

That's great Matt! I think I would usually say that they were dumb, but that's just because I had to watch the kids at the Y for a couple of extra hours :-)

fragilemom said...

Jen, I posted this as a comment on mine in reference to your comment to my entry. I didn't know if you'd go back to it or not, so I copied and pasted it here for you.

Jen, what is MI and MO? Maybe different states have different terms for classes? James is in a PPCD program, which stands for Preschool Program for Children w/Disabilities at the elementary school where my husband teaches. It's a 2 year program with option to qualify for 3 years. This is James' 2nd year and he will qualify for the 3rd. So, we have 1 more year before we have to decide what to do for kindergarten. Nothing looks too appealing to me right now to be quite honest.