Tuesday, June 14, 2011


One of Evan's first form of communicating that he wanted something, such as juice, a snack, to watch a favorite commercial again, etc., was signing "more."  It worked for so much.  For something on tv, it's still what he'll sometimes do.  For juice, he moved on to saying "juice," or sometimes just "please" when it's obvious what he wants, or just handing me the cup!  He still tries the "just handing me the cup" trick, but he's not getting away with it so easily.
We're working on making a sentence.  
I want juice. 
 Yes, having the please on the end would be great, but we're not there yet.  We're still working on the three words.  How it's been working is he'll come up to me, hand me the cup, I'll say "what do you want?" or "what would you like", and he gets all nervous with a huge smile while giggling.  
Then I say, "Say, 'I want juice.'" More giggling, but eventually, he'll say, "I want."  And then I say, "What do you want."  And then he'll say, "juice."  
Yesterday, he did come up to me without prompting and said the "I want" part.  This morning after being prompted, he said, "I want," and before I could ask the question, he said, "What do you want?" ...understood by a trained ear.  :)  
We'll soon have those three words said together to make a sentence. 


fragilemom said...

Yep, I bet you'll have those 3 words together before you know it.

Jen said...

YES, we've already have had some success! :)