Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Just Different

I'm taking care of an almost 5 year old and a 7 year old this evening for a few hours. Even though I'm with kids all day during the school year, it's different having them in my house. I mean, different in the fact that I'm not used to hearing conversation in my house from young children. Different because the one who is almost five (9 months older than Evan) has asked me over 2000 questions in a 2 hour period (at least it feels like that many). Different because they are running around the house playing good guy/ bad guy. Different because they use the phrase, "I'm bored." Different because they aren't content to sit and look at a book for long periods of time...or at all (at least not while they're at our house where everything is "new" to them). Different because the WANT me to play games with them (we just finished BINGO).
Just kind of funny. Evan can be such a handful, but I'm reminded tonight that "other" kids....they're kind of tiring, lol. I mean, I knew that already.
It's just different.


Sarah said...

Very interesting post. We just started working with a new babysitter who works in a preschool and she commented that it's very interesting (and perhaps kinda nice) that Quinn does not yet ask 1000 questions per hour like the kids she usually works with. LOL.

fragilemom said...

:) smile, smile, smile