Friday, January 22, 2010


Kyle has always been a fan of trains...especially Thomas the Tank Engine. He started off with the die-cast ones, then the wooden ones, and finally, the battery operated plastic ones. Over the past 18 YEARS, we've gained many trains (and tracks) and have gotten rid of, basically, none. That's a lot of trains!
So when Evan came along, I thought for sure his love of trains would start from the very beginning. For his first birthday, I got him the Thomas Train and he could sit on and "drive" or push. It has the buttons that play the little great. Well, he's played with it a little, but it was never a huge hit.
At our old house, Kyle's room was upstairs, and Evan's was down. This prevented Evan from having very much exposure to the trains set up in Kyle's room. At our current house (a year and a half), both of their rooms are upstairs, and Evan also has mastered the stairs enough where he has freedom to go up and down as he pleases. This summer when Kyle was home, he had a constant track with the battery operated plastic trains set up in his room. Evan did NOT like them! He would scream, cry, etc. It was awful. This stage lasted for a month or so. THEN, he went through a stage of still crying, screaming, etc., but yet, he insisted on standing in Kyle's room to watch them! Of course, Kyle didn't care to have his little brother in there screaming while he was conducting the Island of Sodor. But, Kyle, having the big heart that he does, put up with it quite well. Gradually, he was able to spend time watching the trains for several minutes before the overload and the screaming/crying would start. This often happened before bedtime...not a good way to ease into a good sleep.
Now, after several months, I can proudly say, Evan is a true Thomas the Tank Engine fan. For Christmas, we got a track set for him (to Kyle's relief), and he is becoming quite the little conductor of trains.
I can hear the trains going now. :-)
Peep peep!


Kim said...

Thomas will be at Connersville in June if you're interested in taking your boys for a ride on Thomas!

Kristiem10 said...

I love this post. My kids are big Thomas fans.

Umma said...

Monkey is a big Thomas fan too but I think I'm an even bigger fan, lol. I LOVE trains! Toy trains, real them. Monkey will go through phases where he can't tolerate playing with the trains (he has the plastic motorized ones now) which always seems odd. He loves them, they interest them but they give him fits.

PS - Glad to see you back posting :-) I missed reading about the boys!

fragilemom said...

We tried trains once. Ian kept ripping them off the track. Hmmm. Glad to hear Evan has overcome and become a train lover. They're really cool.

Sorry to hear about your dads. That was a very sweet post.

I've been off since October as well. Hope you'll check it out soon.