Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine on YouTube

Kyle has been on Thomas fan for, well, his entire life. One activity that he enjoys is telling stories as I typed them out for him. He'll take characters from a variety of shows (trains play big roles), and combine them into his own story. For several years, he has been asking for "Bill and Ben go into the Spooky Forrest." As far as I know, there is no such video.
Another thing he likes to do on the computer is search for train videos for purchase. He was doing this the other day, and somehow, he stumbled upon YouTube. And what did he find there? Homemade Thomas videos! Some of them are quite simple...people video tape their Thomas trains going around the track in their living room. Some of them, are a bit more advanced. I've been keeping a close eye making sure everything stays appropriate.
One of the first ones I saw him watching had the freight trains pushing Thomas off a cliff, and then Harold dropped a bomb on him! Kyle thought it was hilarious. One of the ones he was watching today (8 minutes long) was a was quite cute, and it reminded me so much of the type of story Kyle would write. I will definitely have to keep a close watch on this, but so far, it's exactly what he's been hoping for; he's even asked if we could "buy the dvd" for some of them. Thanks to the people taking the time to make these new episodes!
On the subject of shows, a show he's been watching lately is Popeye. Recently, I brought home some spinach in a bag (for our salads and sandwiches). As he was helping me put away groceries, he said, "Mm, spinach, I'll take some." Okay, this boy doesn't even eat salads. I gave him one leaf and expected him to chew it and make a weird face. No, he ate it and asked for more--he ended up having a whole bowl of it! The next day, he had a bowl of chips and spinach mixed together. Funny kid.


Umma said...

Youtube is a really amazing thing, isn't it? So many very creative people. There are a number of inappropriate videos on there, lol, Monkey is drawn to them like a moth to a flame, of course.

Kristiem10 said...

That is cool about Youtube. Blake is on a Phineas and Ferb kick, and we have resorted to watching it on Youtube.

And way too cool about the spinach!

fragilemom said...

We're not big YouTube watchers, mostly because we don't make the time to look. So what do you plug in to find what you want? Just key word stuff? Ian likes to sit at the computer, but doesn't use it right. So, it'd be fun for him to be able to watch something like that.

Jen said...

There are so many on there! On many of them, people have been very creative and created new story lines. The links below don't have stories with them; they're deluxe track set-ups...Kyle's envious! But yeah, basically, he just clicks away until he finds ones that he likes.