Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas pictures

The Christmas card picture

Evan's favorite gift

Evan adores giraffes, but like other stuffed animals, he wouldn't touch this one. He did, though, give it many kisses.

Kyle has been wanting Electronic Battleship for a few years. This is Star Wars Electronic Battleship! We haven't played yet; the directions are rather lengthy.

Matt and Kyle checking out Kyle's new digital watch. Digital watches for the boys are sort of a Christmas tradition.

Matt likes to post signs on his door. This DO NOT ENTER sign flashes.

Evan seems to like the barn so far, although he doesn't care for it when we turn the sound on...we'll give him some time before we try that again.

Chelsey, Kyle, and I went to Lafayette today so that Chelsey could exchange something. Kyle's mission was to try and find a PlayStation 2 game that he has been wanting for quite a while. I didn't get it for him for Christmas, because I couldn't find it. So today we first checked at Meijer, then Target, then K-Mart, then Best Buy, then Game Stop in the mall, and finally, a Game Stop next to Wal-Mart; except for the last stop, all these places required getting back in the van. Both of the Game Stops were packed, but at the second one, someone actually asked us if we needed help. I told him that we were looking for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for PS2. He kindly went and checked on the computer and came back and told us it didn't look like it had been made for PS2!!! After all that searching! Needless to say, Kyle, who had been demonstrating extreme patience, was disappointed. We went to Wal-Mart and bought Shark Tale. Amazingly, he didn't have that movie yet, and it was relatively inexpensive.


Holly's Mom said...

Maybe you already have this.. But the Original Game is on the PS2:

"The Complete Saga" the new one is on PS3, Wii, and XBox 360... You could get the original if you don't have it...

If you are considering upgrading,anytime soon, I recommend getting a WII rather then a PS3, they aren;t worth the money yet.

FXSmom said...

evan reminds me a lot of matty...loving the picture books but not the toys with sound!!

Jen said...

Thanks for the tip! We have the Trilogy one, but I didn't realize there was another one, too. We'll be ordering it soon.
A Wii would be nice, but we'll probably wait a while for that--probably until the other poops out on us!
Evan has had a love for books since he was around 3 months. Reading to him is like a guarantee to put him in a better mood if he's fussy.

Laura said...

I love your blog, and what amazing pictures! Really, you got them all smiling in one frame, and you've got three. I'm a chanukah person, so I have to live vicariously though others - thanks for giving me a fix!

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laura!