Monday, August 18, 2008

The Wave

When Evan was around 11 months, he did a kind of a wave---his whole arm would go up and down, but we only got that for about 1 month. He never did the typical opening and closing of the hand....until....
Two days ago, Evan and I were walking outside when John came driving down the street. John stopped and said, "Hi!" Evan raised his hand with an open palm. Was it a wave???? After chit-chatting for a while, John pulled away and said, "Bye bye!" Evan again raised his hand and said, "Ba." That was a new one!
Sunday afternoon, Karyn, my 16 year old niece was over our house visiting. Evan has seen very little of her in his life, so she's a bit of a stranger to him (we should change that Karyn :). When she walked into the living room, she said, "Hi Evan." He lifted up his arm and wiggled his little fingers opened and closed! As I sat there in amazement, he did it a couple of times. It was so exciting. Almost 27 months, and we got a wave---the official wave!!
Then today, Chelsey and Evan went for a walk. Soon after they left, I got a call from my mom asking if I saw my little boy as they walked past their house. No, I hadn't. Well, she went on to say how he waved several times. When they got home, Chelsey confirmed this. She also said that when the were at the end of the street, she said to Evan, "Did you wave to Grandma?" and he turned around and waved again! I missed it!
I really hope this sticks, unlike his language skills. There are several words that he has said in his lifetime...maybe 40 or more....but we're down to "ball" and "what's that!?" Those are the ones that are consistent right now. A few weeks ago, I posted that he had said "blankie" twice within 30 seconds. Yep, haven't heard it since. That's the story of his language! I hope he's storing all of those words for later use.


Anonymous said...

How cool!! Waves are awesome. It made me realize that I don't think Matty has ever waved. I'll have to keep a look out.

Anonymous said...

aw, I felt so special!! YES....we should change that. I don't see my cousins enough...sad day. =(